Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I always wanted to go its a Dream come true..
I've got a concert on the Occasion of the visit of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah to UNESCO for the concert of traditional Jordanian Dance and Music
The Night of Jordanian Treasure.....
isn't that great i can say one day that i have performed for Her Majesty!!! SO EXCITED....

Who's going???
(I don't know still who else is going from here but there are some more groups!!)

and US of Course:

two ensembles performing together:

1. Arabic Music Ensemble

Yarob Smeirat-Violin
Isam Elayyan-Oud
Tala Kayyali-Qanoun
Hind Sabanekh- Percussion

Accompanied by

2. The Mahabeesh Ensemble

Mohammed Taha
Sinan Haddadin
Khalid Maani
Naji Rizeq

Wish us Luck!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck.

Betqa said...

Oooh, right on! Good luck with that and have a blast :)

Hind Sabanekh said...

:) thanks you guys :D

Sel3 said...

this is awesome!! Paris is great, 5odene ma3ek ba3raf aza2ef, wish you luck

Anonymous said...

لو لو لو ليش......
Good luck

Hind Sabanekh said...

moa_no1 if it was in my hand i'll take you... we need people who know how to clap!! hehe :)
abu shakuush thanks dude :)