Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Even adults don't pay attention!!

Today is our first day back to school after a two week midterm and Easter break BOOOHOOOOOO, no kids at school today its a normal orientation on set meeting day where heads of departments talk and talk non stop about issues that are of our "concern" (or to put it in a MYP language our AOI)
I find it very weird how teachers were acting in the meeting(s), two teachers beside me were trying to pop a candy out of the candy wrap and it was so loud they started laughing and acting like Mr. Bean when he was at church, while the other teacher in front of me was loving the fact that he can make origami flowers out of post it notes while his colleague was sniffing it to see if it actually smells good. Teachers were acting just like teenage students, making fun of the person in front of them, telling jokes, even playing tic tac toe and hangman on the brain storming scrap sheets, even doodling while the MYP coordinator was still giving out important information. I am not criticizing any of the teachers I am not better than any of them the Coordinator asked us to finish a task and hand it back in the next 20 minutes and here I am blogging about it! I wonder whats for lunch today, should I text mom from under the table so no one notices.....


Anonymous said...

I say just mind your own business and text your Mum from under the table for you not to be like them.. at least in their.

I totally agree on the fact that our teachers act more like teenagers than actual teachers now a days and thats bad.. at the end of the day their passion is just being A TEACHER and nothing more.. Wake Up, Have Breakfast, Read a couple of BOOKS for the kids, tttteeeerrrmm the bell rings, back home, eat, sleep and on it goes.

At the end of the day its you who matters.. what do you want in life, how do u observe things, and
what changes you can do to make it better (or at least make it feel better).. its all about YOU.

End of Comment

Hind Sabanekh said...

I have a feeling that you are a student your self!! am I right?

to be honest, the texting my mum part was just a last paragraph sense of humor, because I was shocked these teachers come from all over the world they are supposed to be the "elite" top of the what so ever and they bring them to teach us "locals" but in the end you are right it has become more of a life style rather than a Job, no wonder why we dislike our jobs!! if we're only treated a bit more like humans!!!

Anonymous said...

well i say.. take your trumpet and go back to Ramallah... ;)

Ps: No im not a student.. i guess you figured that out when i said "I totally agree on the fact that our teachers act more like teenagers..."
but no im not.

Hind Sabanekh said...

HAHA, tik care ;)