Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Latest Taxixperience

I Rarely take Taxi to get me to wherever I want to go, but unfortunately my car is in maintenance for the past 5 days or so, I had to take those flashy yellow cars to every destination i must go to. Basically I don't find my self a type of person who chats with taxi drivers they all talk about the same thing as if they are the same person in a million different bodies tossed around sharing the same "misery". 

My last taxi ride was actually interesting that it actually pushed me to blog it and put it in words; it all started when I waved my hand to stop a taxi to get back home from work, I got in to the classical Nissan Sunny taxi a man in his 60 driving, nicely dressed, nice watch smelling good if I am not mistaken its dunhill blue, very uncommon for a taxi driver and the ride went on like this***please note the language used: 
Me: Marj il Hamam 
Driver: ok, no problem..

so he took a wrong turn and I pointed it out that he was not supposed to go from that way... and that's were it all started.
Driver: عمو please I am very sorry, extremely sorry يا عمي
Me: له يا عمو مش مشكلة الواحد بخربش, مو مشكلة
Driver: والله ماكان قصدي يا عمو سامحيني.
after few minutes
Driver: do you work there (extreme american accent)
Me: yes
Driver: I'm sorry بس شو بتشتغلي يا عمو؟
Me: I'm a music teacher
Driver:HERE IN JORDAN...... where did you obtain your degree?
Me: من المعهد الوطني للموسيقى
Driver: يا عمو you want to convince me there's a music conservatory in this part of the world.
Me: yes الحمدلله
Driver: So what instrument?
Me: the trumpet.
Driver: I don't believe that I am driving a girl that plays trumpet and in Jordan, it seems that God does exist in this part of the world...
Me: **no comments**
Driver: يا عمو I know I sound nosy to you, and that I don't mind my own business but I found it interesting that a girl is playing the trumpet, this rarely happens.... Don't laugh at me if i tell you why I'm driving a Taxi its on my list.
Me: عمو الشغل مو عيب. المهم الواحد يكون يطلع مصروفه و يدبر حاله
Driver:عمو انا مو شوفير تكسي, انا من 31 سنة و انا برة الاردن و حلم حياتي اسوق تكسي باسواْ مكان للسواقة.... عمان..... 
عمو انا I've been a pilot for the American Airlines for the past 10 years, but I wanted to try the highs and lows I love flying but I wanted to try driving. So I came to Jordan I thought I'll visit my home town and I will show my wife and my daughter the city as they have never been here, we came 2 months ago my, my wife said you either get me a divorce or you send me back to the state, and my daughter was about to be FORCED to marry a relative because of what those ignorant people call شرف as if they have any of it. so this is my last week in this country we are leaving back. but I just can't believe it! how do you do it! how do you cope, I am 63 years old I can cry, this is not a country this is hell, there is no art, there is no music, youth have no proper life here, how do you do that.....
Me: we have to work things through, I am not happy as a musician in Jordan but I am trying to be.

by this time we were almost there

Driver: يا عمو انا بتمنى يكون في كمان ناس مثلك بس unfortunately this does not happen here! good luck

Bla Bla Blaaaahhhhh.... I know its just one of those cliches where I feel betrayed by my own country and all that none sense nor we can deny that what he is saying is actually true, I just found it coming from him very weird, usually its the other way around I nag shout fight and scream about how unfair this country is and then an elder person tells me what I'm doing and saying is wrong, I found it very weird coming from him and yes it is true!


WHO ELSE?? said...

what an incident Hind!, i really like the idea of what u r doing too..brings something up, u knw to do what u like no matter whereever u were on this planet...surething that music is like a forgotten thing her in jordan, but believe me i have been to england and sudan, i knw they don't match but every now and then it happens that i move somewhere, to be perfectly honest, even though sudan what's called a poor place, i met couple of guys from there who managed to make an art right in the vege fields!! lolz i told that once, but never got i never mentioned anything special i confronted to anyone no more!! good luck hind nd like the blog! :)

Hind Sabanekh said...

you are right, we're the ones who should make it happen, maybe one day it will all change!!! thank you for taking the time to look at my blog, you're one of those that are going to push me back to writing!
Respect :)